Middle East Tennis Court Lighting Project

Middle East Tennis Court Lighting Project Case HistoryMiddle East Tennis Court Lighting Case History.

RLLD Commercial Lighting is the customization of tennis court lighting systems.  Many of you have already noticed that athletic and sports field lighting systems are sold in kit form on our site.  These kits are only basic packages to follow as guidelines.  Few, if any, are ever sold as is.

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In most projects, the standard systems on our website have to be modified to suit the specific needs of an individual client.

Variables such as the number of actual fixtures needed, mounting brackets, ballast types, light poles, and the heights of poles are determined by the size and number of courts being lit.  Geography and climate also play a role in determining if protective coatings on the fixtures are necessary.

Photometric lighting designs are developed to customize these systems.  A recent order placed by a lighting consultant in Canada illustrates how this works.

Ms. Frazier had a client in Middle East that needed specific tennis court lighting components.  She had to first buy the equipment herself, then she had to ship it overseas.  She found RLLD Commercial Lighting online and contacted us for equipment recommendation and sourcing.

Her Middle East client had already told her they intended to purchase light poles themselves.  What they sought to obtain through her agency were fixtures and mounting brackets.   They also wanted advice on how to configure the equipment they purchased from North America and the poles they purchased through their own channels.

One reason that Ms. Frazier chose to buy tennis court lighting equipment from us was because of we creates photometric analysis designs that show how to configure equipment in the best possible way.

She also had chosen to purchase our lighting equipment through us was because of a specific need her client had.  For reasons unknown, the client wanted all fixtures and mounting brackets made with metallic silver powder coating.  Because of our access to a variety of American tennis court lighting fixture manufacturers, we found equipment that met this requirement.

Photometric software was then used to develop a plan for installation.  We showed the overseas client where to place the pole, how high they should be, and where on the poles the fixtures needed to be mounted.  We also told them how high the fixtures should be off the ground.

The equipment list included basic 1000 W tennis court lights with corresponding mounting brackets.  Also, we provided 50 Hz ballasts so the lights would work in that part of the world.  As we could not ship directly to Middle East, we sent the equipment, along with the recommended design, directly to Ms. Frazier.

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