Tanamatsu, Tagawa Japan- Tennis Court Lighting Case Study

Japan Tennis Court LIghting Project Case Study A tennis court lighting system that would illuminate the court at the tournament level of luminance, and he needed extensive consultative assistance wiring each court independently.

Mr. Stubbs had to make sure that all of the components of the system were shipped overseas without incident.  As soon as he found us online, he was certain that RLLD could help him.

As an avid tennis player, he needed the highest levels of light.  So he could also the architecture of his custom home, his lights had to look good as well.  Surrounding houses had to be protected from the bright light, so we also had to build the system to prevent light pollution.

It was clear from the start that we would need to completely customize this tennis court lighting system.  Because they were smaller than most courts, the courts had unique dimensions of their own.  Mr. Stubbs’s architect sent us blueprints of the house and drawings to scale of the tennis courts nearby.

We used this data in our photometric lighting software.  We rendered a number of possible tennis court lighting systems to show to Mr. Stubbs and his architect.  After they looked at their options, they chose a system where the highest levels of light were concentrated near the net.

This tennis court lighting system was made up of 9 poles, and it had on each pole, high-end, Aero full cutoff fixtures that were placed at different heights to make certain that precise levels of light were evenly distributed across the court surface.   We then went about shipping the equipment over to Japan.

Mr. Stubbs, however, had already hired an exporter in Canada.  So we ended up shipping the equipment up through Washington State and into Canada instead.  From here, the third party exporter sent the lighting equipment over to Japan.

Nothing was damaged in shipment to either Canada or international travel.   Something else that was interesting about this project was that we handled the entire transaction by email.

Another interesting side note to the project is the manner in which the entire transaction was negotiated.  All inquiries, design layouts, consulting services, purchases, and shipping procedures were handled completely through email.  At no time was it necessary for either us or our client to place phone calls overseas.

The whole tennis court lighting system was shipped and delivered without any problem, and it was installed and configured according to plan.  Since then, it has performed according to client expectation thanks to a design process characterized by online community management and efficient process flow.

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