Best ideas for using lower wattage lamps for a tennis court lighting system.

I do not want to use 1000w fixtures for my backyard tennis court, but I do want to uniformly light the court area, just not quite as bright.  Is there a solution you could offer?

Yes, our court lighting system is available with 750w metal halide lamp.  This will lower the energy consumption by 25%, but will also drop the light levels by approximately 25%.  There will still be enough light to play by, but we wouldn’t recommend anything lower in wattage.  Just remember that effectively lighting a tennis requires high light levels and excellent uniformity throughout the court.   The ball is moving at high speeds and our eyes need adequate lighting to play the sport at night, or you may as well just save it for the day time.  To maintain proper uniformity you will have to use a minimum of six poles regardless of the fixture wattage.

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