Commercial Turnkey Lighting Project By RLLD For Pearl Snaps

When Pearl Snaps, a new western wear business, started up in 2012, the owner wanted to make sure that everything was just right inside the store. Lighting was one of their major concerns and is something that businesses around the country must consider. With poor illumination, colors won’t render properly (which is a problem for a clothing company) and the space won’t feel inviting. For instance, research shows that desirable lighting will keep consumers in the store longer, increasing the chances of a purchase.

RLLD was commissioned to provide the lighting for Pearl Snaps and handled everything from start to finish, including overseeing selection, delivery and installation. RLLD worked with the contractor to ensure that all lighting needs were taken care of on time for the client.

A primary reason for commissioning RLLD is precision. RLLD uses 3D photometric analysis to finely measure the level of luminous flux around the building. In other words, RLLD is able to determine how intense the light is at any one point in the store. This is extremely useful for detecting spots that are too harsh or dim. Photometric analysis also helps maximize efficiency because every fixture is placed right where it will produce the greatest amount of illumination for the least amount of power. RLLD takes several factors into account when placing fixtures, including the lighting technology being used, where it is placed in the store, its color temperature, and the angle it will be placed at. By optimizing these factors, RLLD helped the owner of Pearl Snaps keep lighting bills within a reasonable range while producing optimal effects.

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