Floodlighting Disasters

IMG_4855 The Houston Rodeo, an 80 year institution produces some of the finest entertainment during the 3-week long event.   It is held at the prestigious Reliant Park and boasts over 2 million visitors every year, truly a world class event.

See the banner in the image to our left, that is a 70ft tall banner, custom printed as a welcome sign to the stadium, look a little closer…Can you tell what is wrong with the picture?  There are two metal halide flood lights that were specifically mounted under the banner to illuminate it, was it an installation error, maybe, or was it poor equipment quality,   possibly.  The point is, this was never fixed during the run of the rodeo this year and this sort of occurrence happens every night somewhere in your town,  all over the United States, it is called LIGHTING GONE WILD.

Poor lighting design and management amounts to wasted energy and money,  always contract with a lighting professional when possible, and have a trusted contractor install for you, the end results will make you much happier.

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