Lighting gone wrong, again, sign lighting edition.

This is a fine example of how not to illuminate your signs.  The owner of this establishment tried their best to save a little money and use some basic off the shelf “sunnyboys” to light up a previously removed sign.  I doubt it garnered much attention.  Light fixtures such as these are certainly not intended to focus light on the side of a building, nor are they very effective in this sideways position.  Imagine the water collecting in the prismatic lens!



Any time you decide to illuminate signage or lettering on your wall give a gooseneck lighting fixture a chance to do the job.  These fixtures offer an architectural look while also getting the job done.  The shade of the fixture is designed to collect all of the lamp brightness and project it back on to the wall it extends from.  These fixtures offer you high brightness and a glare free view for everyone looking your way.  Have a look at some other examples in our gooseneck lighting catalog.



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