Time to upgrade your sign lighting to LED?





Linear lighting for signs has traditionally incorporated a fluorescent light source.  Fluorescent lamps offer the right shape and size to accomplish uniform illumination for signs and walls and also provide for long life at around 18,000 hours.  A major drawback for fluorescents are their poor lumen output in low temperatures.  While most manufacturers of the fixtures include a zero degree start ballast, what they don’t tell you is that fluorescent lamps do not get up to their maximum brightness in cold temperatures, even in the 30-40 degree range fluorescent lamps appear much more dim than they do at higher temperatures.  This factor should make you think twice when considering the best way to light your entrance or business sign as you are trying to attract the most attention to it as possible, and bright light helps to achieve this goal.

led linear - IMGAs LED lighting continues to make strides into nearly all applications we now have linear LED fixtures available to replace fluorescent fixtures.  Available in a 3500K color temperature which is comparable to fluorescent, the color of the light is nearly identical.  A major benefit to upgrading to LED is the life span, most LED units offer up to 50,000 hours, making the fixture nearly maintenance free for its life span.  This is a big plus when using them in hard to reach areas or for users who do not want to pay for electricians to come and service fixtures as often as before.  Have a look at our newest linear LED light.  It has an IP65 rating for water and dust ingress protection, a 3-year warranty, and a 3500K color temperature.  Another advantage is its size, a very compact fixture that can be hidden in virtually any landscape, or easily blended in with many architectural features.


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