LED lighting for a tennis court?







Can I use LED lighting to effectively illuminate my tennis court?

While LEDs are a rapidly growing light source in the industry, the technology is still a ways off from effective use for sport lighting applications.  Right now outdoor LED lighting is best suited for parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks, small roadways, and other low light level requirements.  Sporting activities such as tennis require significantly higher light levels and metal halide lamps are still an extremely efficient light source to produce the required brightness.  There is no doubt that someday in the near future we will begin to see effective LED lighting for tennis courts, however that time is not here at the moment.  If you come across a source promoting LED tennis court lighting, I would strongly encourage you to ask for photometric data as well as third-party testing data for the fixtures.  Remember, a tennis court lighting system should be able to produce between 40-50 foot candles on average throughout the court playing area.  Metal halide lamps can easily achieve this, and at the moment is still just a fraction of the cost of even the best LED luminaires available.

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Glare and how it affects selection of tennis lighting poles.










I am concerned about glare from such a high wattage lighting system on my personal tennis court.  What should I be looking for in terms of fixture and pole design?

The most important consideration is to choose a system that uses full-cut-off fixtures.  This will ensure that all light is directed down on your court.   Do not choose a lighting system that would require fixtures to be tilted upward, as this would have you and your neighbor looking at the bare lamp inside the fixture, and a 1000W metal halide lamp is BRIGHT!  Another thing to think about is to make sure your poles are tall enough to keep the lights out of your sight lines while on the court.  The manufacturer recommended height for fixtures is something that should always be considered and lowering the fixtures will hinder the performance of the system while bringing the light closer down to the court and your field of vision.

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Ideas for developing dark-sky standards for outdoor tennis court lighting.

I am concerned about protecting the visible night sky in our area and have read some dark-sky literature as it pertains to lighting.  Should our community develop a set of regulations for lighting at outdoor sports facilities?

It would be very beneficial for the residents of your community to have some type of lighting ordinance, or dark-sky regulation for all lighting that is installed in your area.  Sports facilities, such as outdoor tennis clubs, should pay special attention to the lighting systems they decide to install in any community.   Some of the biggest problems is the amount of glare emitted from a flood lighting system or the use of non-cut-off light fixtures, such as a flood light.  This type of system will emit unnecessary light up into the night sky and will ultimately be a long term burden to the surrounding neighbors of the facility.  As you can see in the image above a full cut off tennis fixture directs all of its usable light on the court area where it is needed.  The flood lighting installation has little to no control of the light, even though the tennis courts are illuminated the surrounding area receives an unnecessary amount of light which would likely upset neighbors close by.  A flood lighting system will also emit light up into the night sky, where it is certainly not needed, and will effectively render the view of stars and other celestial phenomena invisible. 

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Most essential questions about a residential tennis club lighting plan.









We are interested in a lighting design for our new tennis club and need to develop a plan that takes the surrounding neighborhood into account.  Is it possible to light just the tennis courts and minimize the amount of light shining to the surrounding neighborhood?

Yes, when deciding on the right tennis lighting system it is always recommended to have a lighting professional help with the design.  Nighttime lighting at an outdoor tennis facility poses special challenges for engineers, developers, and facility owners.  The challenge is to provide sufficient illumination for players and fans, while at the same time reducing the impact the lighting may have on surrounding residents and the quality of their environment.   Considerations for lighting trespass and dark-sky initiatives should also be taken into account when designing the system.


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What Is Full Cut Off Lighting & Its Impact on Tennis Courts?

QUESTION: What is full cut off lighting and why is it important to consider when lighting my tennis court?

ANSWER: Full cut off lighting is a classification for a lighting fixture that projects all of its light in a downward direction and emits no upward projection of light while also providing precise controlled illumination to a specified area.  Full cut off lighting fixtures are designed so the lamp is tucked up inside the housing, thus shielding much of the direct glare.  The fixture will have a flat lens and be installed perfectly parallel to the ground below.  The projection of light out of the fixture will not emit above 90 degrees from the fixture housing (see diagram below).

Full Cut Off Lighting on Tennis Courts

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What Is Light Trespass in Tennis Court Lighting?

QUESTION: What is light trespass, and why is it important to consider when lighting a tennis court?

ANSWERLight trespass is the uncontrolled illumination that spills past the boundaries of a property and into surrounding areas such as a neighborhood.  When choosing a tennis court lighting system, one should pay attention to the stray light emitted from the system beyond the court and select equipment that will offer the best optical control. Photometric lighting design of the system can pay a crucial role when selecting the appropriate system.  You should always have a lighting professional engineer the system to your specific needs, whether it is a back-yard court or a commercial tennis club.

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Outdoor Tennis Court Light Fixtures

Tennis court equipment supplies should include illumination fixtures for your playing area. Tennis is a great sport and an even better way to get outdoors to participate in a fun activity.


After Dark Tennis Court Lighting. Every tennis court needs supplies and equipment, such as a net, a racket holder, and balls. However, lighting products also fall into the category of supplies and equipment.

Outdoor Tennis Court Lights

Resort Tennis Court Lighting Project

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Why Consult A Lighting Expert For Your Parking Lot Lighting Project?

Benefits Of Parking Lot Light Fixtures

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Industrial Lighting

Highway Street Lights Require Expert Design To insure Motorist’s Safety! #streetlights

Industrial lighting should be capable of having space for a extensive variety of requirements ranging from warehouse lighting fixtures to lights for detailed tasks.  Industrial lighting must also light areas that are contrasting, like a dark area next to a light area in a parking lot.  This type of fixture can have a major impact on employee safety and production, because an insufficiently lit area can make it hard to do a job correctly.

 To be cost proficient, industrial lights must have one more quality. It must be green energy efficient and is rated according the amount of light it puts out, how it affects colors in association to daylight, and how much energy it uses.  The objective is to match the lighting to the area that is going to be used.

 For case in point, staff assembling mainframe boards need over the counter lights that do not produce any glare.  While warehouse areas will necessitate high power lights placed on poles or hung from the ceiling. There are different commercial applications for lamps and fixtures depending on the height of the ceilings.  When buying lighting fixtures, it is also imperative to keep the repair requirements in mind.  When you purchase good quality industrial lights, you will be buying lamps with a extended life which means less man hours for changing lamps, bulbs or ballasts.

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Parking Lot Lighting Case Study

Case Study: Goddard School Parking Lot Lighting Project
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Equipment Installed

Medium Forward Throw Wall Packs
Six wall packs were installed around the perimeter of the outer building wall.  These wall packs features a full cutoff, die cast aluminum housing that directs light downward and prevents light spillage beyond the property boundary.  Fixtures also feature a two piece pinged aluminum reflector which directs light outward only to a point while remaining in full compliance with dark sky requirements.  Wall packs were mounted at 10 feet and fitted with 175 watt metal halide fixtures.

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 Decorative Area Lighting Poles
After careful research and planning, we determined that the best luminaires for the project would be six, 400W lamps housed in durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum housings.  The housing featured a removable ballast tray for easy ballast access.  The optical system consisted of segmented side reflectors and a clear temped glass lens with sharp cutoff operability.  Poles measured 18’ in height and were painted dark bronze prior to shipment.  2 luminaires nearest the building measured 20 inches at the base, while the four in the parking lot primary measured 30 inches at the base.

Decorative parking lot lighting poles consisted of an ornamentally designed base made from a smooth bottom section and a decorative top section.  Mounting arms were XBC designed and arched gracefully from the pole top to the upper part of the housing of the suspended luminaires.

Most decorative parking lot lighting poles are fitted with a simple bulb inside a glass dome.  Our solution resulted in a much more attractive area lighting system that featured a decorative custom design evidenced in both the poles and the fixture housings.  The wall packs were equally successful for security lighting, providing an even distribution of light around the periphery of the school that remained contained within the intended boundaries for light distribution.

Illuminance measured 4.12 foot candles throughout the parking lot and 3.19 foot candles for the entire property.  Measurements also indicated 0 foot candle light spillage beyond the property boundary.

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