Local Lighting Installation

Local Lighting Installation & Retrofit JobHiring RLLD for your local lighting installation  in Houston is the best way to improve safety. Maintaining reliable and powerful exterior illumination is essential to protecting both customers and employees. Well-lit areas improve safety, and it is the property owner’s responsibility to erect fixtures that provide this peace of mind. The power of high quality fixtures cannot be overstated. People will often avoid businesses that aren’t properly illuminated at night, either because the business appears closed or because it is not safe to approach. In the interest of maintaining a healthy business, it is important to contract the right people to handle fixture design and placement.

Who should a business owner contact when looking for a local lighting installation company in Houston?

RLLD is one of the few companies in Texas that can provide a turnkey, one stop solution to any lighting needs a business may have. Most companies have to bring in additional parties to complete the design, wiring, or fixture placement, extending the length of time the project takes and increasing its cost significantly. RLLD handles every step of the process in-house, so our clients know what to expect and when to expect it. Major construction and placement projects can suffer when multiple contractors are involved. Deadlines are missed, work oversight is typically poor, and communication between the contractors and property owner will often break down. The result is usually subpar light fixture placement that either doesn’t produce enough illumination for the space, or wastes too much power while in operation.

Prior to beginning system design or fixture placement, RLLD will discuss the client’s needs at length and advise the client on their best options. Only when the client is satisfied with the plan will RLLD begin designing the system. Design is a crucial part of the project and ensures the system is set up correctly. During design, RLLD uses sophisticated 3D visualization technology to craft the system’s layout before any ground is broken. RLLD builds this design with photometric measurements in mind, so we know exactly how intense the fixtures will be at every part of the property. In many areas, city ordinances regulate a minimum intensity level for exterior fixtures. RLLD will ensure the system meets these requirements.

Once the system is designed, RLLD will run wire underground, making space for the conduit with hand trenching, machine trenching and boring. Holes are drilled at predetermined points to accommodate the concrete bases for the poles. These holes are normally 5 to 7 feet deep. The concrete bases are poured into these spaces and once cured, the poles are erected and fitted with fixtures chosen by RLLD for the job.


As one of the most versatile local lighting installation companies in the Houston area, RLLD is experienced in many types of projects. In addition to installing new commercial fixtures, RLLD can retrofit existing systems with highly efficient LED fixtures, replace older lamps or ballasts, and replace, repair or update current commercial fixture infrastructure (like poles or wiring). RLLD can also mount fixtures to the building or help a company with their interior fixtures. No matter what the project entails, RLLD can offer a turnkey solution that is both time and money efficient.

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