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 Welcome to our Commercial Lighting Projects Portfolio: Vcard

Here is the highlight reel for commercial lighting projects that have been either implemented or we have assisted on. You will find anything from parking lot lights to tennis courts, path lighting, bigger residential out door lighting and more with in this section. We have done many varying project over the years and this section of the site is here for you join us and to see how some of these projects have progressed and have looked. 

Not all of our projects have made it here but if you have an interest in seeing something we have done or that you are wanting to get done and want to see a similar project contact us and we will be glad to get with you on a one on one levle and step you thru other projects we have done that might be similar to yours. 

Some of What you will find here:

Athletic & Sports Field Projects

Architectural Lighting Projects

Indoor Commercial Lighting Projects

Outdoor Commercial Lighting Projects

Projects we have been involved in reach all over the globe. The norm is for a project to be in the USA but that has not stopped us on working in other areas of the world like Guam and Japan for example. So if you are here from across the globe and you need help rest assured we can take on helping you on your project even if you are across the globe.

If you have questions or your ready to talk to someone about getting your lighting project started call one of our commercial lighting experts or send us an email using our contact us form and we will be happy to help. The toll free number is 1-866-654-3961.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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