Indoor Commercial Lighting Projects

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Hyatt Tent Lighting Project In San Antonio
The Hill Country Hyatt multi-use tent lighting project was one of our more unique projects to date. In this joint venture, we acted solely as distributors working in partnership with a Houston-based lighting design and electrical contract services company known as Illuminations Lighting and Design....
Hotel Conference Room Lighting Project In New York
Our client was a large hotel on the East Coast looking to completely replace the existing lighting system in one of their conference rooms. The conference room had recently been renovated creating a clean, open space that could be setup for a variety of functions. With the addition of tables, chai...
Church Parish Hall Lighting Project In Louisiana
Our client was a Catholic church in Louisiana that had an adjoining parish hall. The hall was used for a variety of church activities, chief among which was bingo on Tuesday nights. The lighting system in the church was very old and somewhat dim. Because many who attended these events were elderl...
Pendant Lighting Project For A Bank Chain In Atlanta Georgia
A Client called us from a major architectural firm based in Atlanta, GA to inquire about a certain style of pendant lighting he wished to specify in his blueprints for a major bank chain that was building dozens of new locations in the next year.
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles) Result Pages:  1