RLLD Offers The Following Lighting Repair Services

Commercial lighting repair is essential for maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere, and every business should consider it regularly. Business owners often underestimate the impact a few dead fixtures can have because they will make a poor first impression for the company. Fortunately, fixtures can be replaced or fixed for a fraction of the cost incurred during a clean installation. And with RLLD’s knowledgeable experts on your side, the process can be expedited so your business sustains no downtime.

What kind of lighting repair services can RLLD offer?

Commercial fixtures are much more technically complex than simple residential lamps and need special attention when they no longer work. Over time, the high power fluorescent and metal halide fixtures found in parking lots, sports complexes and public spaces will deteriorate. When fluorescent lamps burn out, it can be due to one or more problems. For example, if the “emission mix” inside the lamp has extinguished early in the lamp’s life, it’s possible that the fixture’s controls are poorly optimized. Ballast failure is another concern, as the sensitive electronics inside ballasts fail at greater rates as the ambient temperature rises. However, there may be techniques available to extend ballast life following a fix.

Metal halides suffer from similar issues, and once they near their end, they will begin the cycling process. It’s one most people are familiar with – the fixture switches on and slowly changes color from a soft purple to a rich orange before switching off and blinking back on again. This is due to uncontrolled temperatures inside the fixture and an increase in internal gas pressure. If lighting repair is not enacted soon enough, the fixture may explode due to the constant shifts in pressure.

RLLD can replace lamps and ballasts inside many types of fixtures, including the common fluorescent and metal halide fixtures that most businesses use. RLLD can also install, replace, and fix LED fixtures as well, which is a service not all commercial lighting repair companies offer.

If RLLD’s experts determine that a failure is due to controllable factors, they can help you modify your system so that fixture life span can be extended in the future. If you feel that an upgrade is in order, RLLD can offer a number of retrofit options or even setup a new system from scratch. Many businesses are transitioning to LED fixtures because they offer superior lifespan and energy efficiency, while maintaining high levels of output.


These services extend to smaller exterior and interior systems as well. Gooseneck fixtures, security lamps and inside fixtures also need attention regularly, and RLLD has deep experience with all three. This means that RLLD should be a frontline option no matter what kind of fixture requires repair or replacement. 

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