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RLLD's commercial landscape lighting fixtures and accessories represent a broad spectrum of options for the commercial exterior lighting designer working to accent and define the natural exteriors of commercial, academic, municipal, hospitality, and entertainment oriented clients.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

RLLD's commercial landscape lighting fixtures and accessories represent a broad spectrum of options for the commercial exterior lighting designer working to accent and define the natural exteriors of commercial, academic, municipal, hospitality, and entertainment oriented clients.  Our inventory is comprehensive on multiple fronts, representing a fusion of cost effectiveness, aesthetic elements, lighting control, lamping options, and manufacturer fixture design. This allows the commercial landscape lighting specialist to first envision the overall system design, then select from a broad range of options that literally allows fixture to match form at the line item level.


Low voltage and Line Voltage

Contractors can use our equipment to take a whole site approach to lighting commercial landscapes by selecting from a large selection of both low voltage and line voltage fixtures.   By combining the various decorative and accent elements offered by 12V and 24V transformers and outdoor lighting fixtures, commercial landscape lighting specialists can add décor and accent to client properties and pass on energy savings at the same time.  Larger line voltage fixtures ideal for security and functional lighting can also be obtained in an equally diverse variety, allowing for every element of a large property to be brightly and securely lit.  This diversity of equipment options on both levels allows commercial landscape lighting to blend seamlessly with park lighting, parking lot lighting, and architectural lighting themes without revealing the light sources and compromising the aesthetic of the landscape.


All Lamping Options

Having a diversity of lamping options available to you eliminates the stress of trying to force equipment fit onto a commercial landscape that is highly customized or features unique and eclectic features.  RLL Design offers incandescent, halogen, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent, and now LED lighting fixtures for commercial landscapes.  This gives you line item power to match a specific fixture to a particularly unique earthwork or water work on your client’s property, and it also allows for the creation of additional levels of lighting by combining multiple concealed light sources.


Specialty Fixtures for Vegetation and Trees

Vegetation is extremely important to the overall appearance of the landscape, and special equipment is often required to effectively and safely light trees, hedges, garden areas, atriums, and flower beds.  RLL Design inventories an impressive selection of low voltage and led lights that are specifically engineered for lighting vegetation in and around commercial landscapes.  RLL Design also has an impressive array of mercury vapor lights that creates a concealed light source within the trees themselves and also lights pathways, gardens, fountains, recreation areas, and the general grounds surrounding that surround the trees.


Lighting Controls for Security and Convenience

Your clients will no doubt be concerned about the practical concerns of security that should factor into any landscape lighting proposal.  Lighting control is critical to the security aspects of the system, which is why RLL Design offers a number of control options you can line item onto your proposal.  Automated timers can be installed to turn all or part of a landscape lighting system on at dusk and off again when day breaks.  Motion sensors can be fitted to flood lights that are sensitive to human body movements but not to the movements of other animal life.  Manual controls dimmers can further supplement these automated timers and sensors if necessary, giving security guards a means to suddenly raise lighting levels in a portion of the property or flood the entire periphery of the campus with bright light.

Complimentary Lighting Design and Installation Tips

Commercial landscape lighting specialists at RLL Design will also provide free information upon request on environmentally friendly installation methods that will allow you to install these lights without harming the trees.  This information is available to any professional or end use that signs up for our newsletter, and it is also available through consultation over the phone at the time of your purchase.



Because our experts have worked for many years in commercial landscape lighting, they have perfected methods of concealed installation and outdoor lighting design that allows them to create up to four layers of light on any commercial landscape.  This additional layering of lights serves to unify the aesthetic between natural outdoor lighting and building and architectural lighting, and it helps create a more ambient decorative quality that subtly enhances the luminosity of surrounding security.


Ask your RLL Design commercial landscape lighting specialist about special, proprietary tools we make available only to preferred customers within our online community.  Periodic newsletters, emails, and phone calls at your request can be arranged to give your commercial landscape lighting proposal maximum competitive advantage and a cutting edge, win/win cost effective solution your clients will readily see the benefits of investing in.

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