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Companies can choose from hundreds of unique industrial lighting products to light their building interiors and exteriors.  Your choice of fixtures will depend on your business type, the nature of your building, and the specifics of the applications that require different types and levels of light.


Taking all of these factors into account when you make a purchase can appear overwhelming. In some respects it is, because you have to calculate such things as energy efficiency, lumens output, the number of fixtures needed, and the best lamp types to use for the job. 


The many options that exist in industrial lighting products can help you to save time and money both in installation and operation—if you know how to make the right choices. Getting help from an expert who can provide guidance for your project and produce a photometric layout of your new system will ensure the best possible outcome for your operation.


For example, large warehouses with high ceilings over twenty feet tend to do better with high bay lighting, if the ceiling is lower than twenty feet, low bay lights are better. Office areas can be cost effectively lit with halogen lamps or commercial fluorescent fixtures.


Regardless of the industrial lighting products you decide to purchase, you must make certain that they are reliable enough for long-term use in your business environment. Bay lights and fluorescent fixtures must provide maintenance personnel with easy access to the low pressure sodium bulbs and ballasts so that repairs and replacements can be performed if needed. If you invest in lamps with high-quality energy efficient light bulbs, your maintenance costs will be dramatically reduced.


The exterior of your building will also benefit from industrial sign lighting products. You can install flood lights controlled by timers or motion detectors. Parking lot lights poles increase visibility and safety for your employees and guests. For other outdoor lighting, high intensity discharge lamps, fluorescents, incandescents, and halogens are all viable lamping options.


When you invest in commercial-grade products made exclusively in the USA, brightness does not have to cost you a large amount of money in operating costs. You will find that energy efficient light bulbs & lamps will achieve both the brightness you need and the cost savings that you desire. These fixtures have  a way of paying for themselves by reducing electrical bills over a period of time.


Such industrial lighting products are engineered to save you money on operations. If long life and brightness are priority, then you should invest in halogen fixtures. These are incandescent lights that have been built with a special additive in the bulb that regenerates the filament each time it is lit. This filament keeps them from burning out as quickly as traditional incandescents.


The only drawback to halogen bulbs is their tendency to generate a large amount of heat. If lower temperatures are needed, choose another kind of fixture. Many lamps that perform well in bay fixtures are HID (high intensity discharge) lamps like high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and metal halide lights.


All of these lamps produce very bright light, but HID lamps will not work with motion detectors. They require a warm up and cool down time before lighting. If nothing but incandescents will work, you might talk to one of our specialists about 10,000 hour bulbs, which are simply long life incandescents.

If you are unsure about which industrial lighting products to choose for your project, ask an expert.

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